Institute Magnificat


Founded with the purpose of preparing professional musicians for performing and singing in the Shrines of the Holy Land,

The Magnificat Institute has quikly become a school capable of forming first class musicians and of bringing together persons of different ethnic, religions and national backgrounds.

The number of students currently enrolled is 180, and they are guided by 16 qualified instructors.


Coming events of the musical Institute Magnificat

October 2003 – First Festival of Songs for Children


“The tree of peace is full of Music”

… Let us cultivate the tree of peace,

teaching our young music!…

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Because of the dire local situation, economic support of the musical Institute Magnificat is entrusted to the generosity of the Supporting friends.



Since January of 2000, the Magnificat Institute has organized the annual “Carlo Tavasani” Piano Competition.  The event has become an enormous stimulus for the study of piano with the Palestinian society.


The competition is named after Carlo Tavasani, a dynamic supporter and benefactor of the arts and charitable work, who died on January 8,1999 in Treviso at the age 58.


The Fourth edition of the “ Carlo Tavasani” Piano Competition took place in the auditorium of the Magnificat Institute on January 10 – 12, 2003 with the tremendous participation of more than 80 competitors.



Here are the first place winners in the various age categories:


Amir Elayan,

Nuzha Nuseibeh,

Najib Hamideh,

Steve Majlaton (student of the Magnificat Institute)

Jiries Boullata (student of the Magnificat Institute)

Mirjam Fleckenstein, (student of Magnificat Institute)


The prizes, determined by on international jury, were presented by Mrs Anita Tavasani and Sarah, Carlo’s mother and daughter.


Publications and Editions of the “Magnificat Institute”


At our Musical Institute, particular attention is paid to the study, utilization, and diffusion of Palestinian musical repertoire.


Al’Alam al Saghir:             Piano method based upon Arabic songs.

                                    137 pp, 2 voises

Zahr Er-Raihan:             15 Arabic songs for voice and piano.

Mathaq Al-Sharq: Flavor of the East 4 passages for piano for 4 hands.

Lets Play Together:            10 Arabic songs for voice and piano for 4 hands

Course in Solfege (rhythm, songs) distributed in 3 classes. Also uses rhythms and melodies of the Middle East

 In preparation:

“History of Music”            In Arabic (3 parts)

In our Musical Institute we have established seven different courses of study


Organ and Organ Composition


 Music Education

Gregorian chant

Choir and Choir direction



With the attached complementary subjects



History of Music

Choral Exercises



The Magnificat Institute is located in Jerusalem, near the New Gate.

8 Classrooms

A Library

The Secretary’s office

A 500 – seat auditorium


For our teaching activities, for study and for concerts we have available:

11 pianos

a “Rogers” electric organ

a 3 manual pipe organ